Jurong Lake Run

8 July 2012, Sunday

It was still drizzling when I walked from Jurong East MRT Station to the regional library where the baggage deposit area was. I was reporting to the 10km race alone as Jackie has signed up for another race, Tri-factor 30km which was held in the city. Since I was early, I took my time to change into my running shoes before proceeding to deposit my stuff. Visited the loo which was conveniently located near the starting point. After warming up with a slow jog up and down the road, outside Science Centre. I decided to make my way to the starting line when I saw more and more runners moving to the front. Met Freddy from Jurong Safra at the starting line. Seemed like only two of us from Jurong Safra have signed up for this race. I was delighted and surprised to see Joyce and John too! They were not taking part in the race (having done the Republic run at Punggol the day before) and were here to give their support. Took the chance to catch up with them while we waited for the race to start. Spotted and chatted with Gen who has signed up for the 6km category which was flagged off at a later time.

By 7am, the rain has ceased. The cool weather was perfect for a run. The race started slightly after 7.30am as we were waiting for the VIP to arrive. As soon as the horn sounded, the elite runners shot off in lightning speed. Blessed with such a good weather, I was hoping I could do a personal best for my 10km. Adrenaline pumping, I found myself chasing after some runners in front. I was going faster than my target pace of 4:20″/km pace. This was a mistake. My legs felt heavy just after 2km and I found myself slowing down, though still keeping sight of Freddy who was ahead. After 4km, my average pace has dropped significantly and I wondered if I could even complete the 10km under 45 mins.

At the 6 km mark, I caught up with an ang mo veteran female runner and tried to keep up with her. Freddy was still ahead but getting further and further away. He has overtaken another ang mo female runner with a sexy tattoo behind her back. She was my next target to chase, but sad to say she was too far ahead and I did not manage to catch up with her. I continued running and finally managed to pull away from the veteran runner who eventually came in 2nd for her category. At the last turn to the finishing line near Chinese Garden, I saw Dennis, Mr and Mrs Ben Chan from Jurong Safra. They cheered loudly for me and I was surprised to hear them shouting to me that the finishing line was just 200m away when my Garmin still read about 9.5km. Motivated, I gave my all and sprinted to the end when I saw the finished banner ahead. Completed the 10km race in 42:33 mins and was pleasantly surprised to come in 4th for my category (Local female).

42:33 min was by far the fastest time I clocked for a 10km race. Alas, the distance was short by 300m, so I guess this pb doesn’t count.

I need to find my legs again. =p


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