CSC Run By The Bay

26 August 2012

I’m blessed with supportive family and friends. My younger brother, JW gave me a lift to The Float @ Marina Bay early in the morning at 5.45am. And the loving and supportive bf sacrificed his sleep and the time he could use to do his long run to accompany me to the race.

After depositing my stuff and warming up, I entered the pen at around 6.40am. Jackie continued hanging around the starting point, helping me to take photos. There were a few familiar faces; couples John and Joyce, Billy and Tricia, Yvonne, Jasmine Goh, Donald etc. I have thought that the race (with such attractive cash prizes) would have attracted many competitive and elite runners. Strangely, I could only see Vivian Tang and Mok Ying Rong. I guess some of the runners were either competing in Tri-factor Triathlon at East Coast Park or they were competing in the 5km category. Stella came around to say hi before she proceeded with her warm up for her 5km race which started at a later timing.

At about 6.50am, pretty aerobics instructors lead the crowd to do the warm-up. At exactly 7am, the race started. I hope to better the time I did for Jurong Lake Run so my target was to try a sub 4:20/km pace. Jasmine, Yvonne and Joyce shot off right at the start. I caught up with them only when we ran up the bridge. As we approached Marina Barrage, I glanced at my Garmin and realised that I’m running at an average 4:14/km pace. A girl wearing RJC singlet overtook me at some point. I chased her and eventually pulled away from her.

As we entered into Garden By the Bay (Bay East), I could see Billy and Mok Ying Rong ahead. I saw Billy overtaking Mok Ying Rong who seemed to be slowing down. Shortly after, I caught up with her too. Did my u-turn and saw Tricia over the other side. It was heartening to hear her cheering for me. But I was breathing too hard to reply and could only attempt a thumb-up sign. As I exited Bay East, I realised that I have already slowed down to abt 4:17/km pace, and I couldn’t seem to ramp up my pace again. My only motivation was that I was closing up the gap between myself and the runners ahead. It was heartening to hear words of encouragement from fellow runners too when you ran past them.

Soon, I reached the bridge at Marina Barrage where all the 5km runners have merged with the 10km. Luckily, it was not congested and there wasn’t a need to weave in and out of the crowd. I caught up with Billy at the right turn towards the last water station and overtook him. With less than 1km towards the finishing line, it was Billy’s turn to overtake me when we did a sharp left turn before running up the bridge. After encouraging me to press on, he sprinted all the way towards the finishing line and I could barely see him by the time I came down the bridge.

As expected, the bf was near the finishing line taking pictures. I smiled and posed for his camera phone (forgot to charge the battery in my camera, again!) before crossing the finishing line.

Completed my 10 km run in 42 mins 22 sec, a new pb. And for the very first time, a surprised 2nd placing in the women’s open category. (Vivian was first and Jasmine Goh was the 2nd runner up). I was also very happy to know that Joyce came in 4th in the same category. Ladies from MF Safra did very well too! Yvonne came in 1st in the 10km public service category and Stella emerged 1st runner-up for her 5km race.

All in all, an awesome, feel good run that leaves me hungry for more. Will I be able to clock below 42 mins for my next 10km race?


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