The worst long run

The long run which I have set out to do with friends from MF did not turn up well. In fact, it was one of the worst run ever. The plan was to complete 27km; from the clubhouse into Sentosa via Henderson Road, past the Hard Rock hotel, along the beaches, 2 loops round the satellite, back to the clubhouse.

I tried to keep up with Yvonne and managed to do so until the round-about at Tanjong Beach. Though we were not going very fast, I was already feeling the fatigue, panting harder and running slower and slower. Mental wasn’t strong and I decided to take the easy way out by shortening the long run. So I skipped the satellite part entirely and headed back towards the clubhouse after reaching the end of Tanjong Beach. The journey back was worse than before and never had I felt so alone. Ran, jogged, walked and finally reached the clubhouse after what seemed like an eternity. The 27km long run became a mere 17km long run.

I came to realise that running is more than just being physically fit and well. The heart must be strong and be free from all negative emotions as well. Choked up emotions made this long run the worst ever. Pls don’t let me experience this again.


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