“Feel Good” Long Run

After two consecutive Sundays of long runs inside Sentosa, MF Safra has planned a route from Clubhouse to ECP. Total distance was about 29-30km. A nice change as this route was easier with no hilly terrains.

I started the run with Stella and two Yvonnes. Junior Yvonne, NB sponsored athlete, joined us for long run for the first time. Her plan was to follow us as far as possible, and then she will take a bus back to clubhouse to wait for us. The four of us ran together for the first 7km. However, we lost Junior Yvonne a short while later as she has to stop for toilet.

Stella, senior Yvonne (Ray’s wife) and I continued our run together. At the petrol kiosk (12.8km mark), Stella said she will stop to buy some drinks. Yvonne and I ran ahead and arranged to meet up with her again later at ECP B1 carpark. Yvonne and I seemed to be running faster, probably because we were excited to be reaching ECP soon. My average pace was about 5:12″km when I entered ECP. There, we saw a few runners, Ong, TW, Trevor, Melvin on their way out of ECP. Yvonne and I stopped for a toilet break at the toilet. Stella arrived not long after and I gratefully top up my bottle with the extra 100plus she has purchased. Then, the three of us continued running towards Big Splash. Yvonne and I have decided to do 30km, so our plan was to u-turn when the Garmin reads 15km. Stella continued running ahead.

After Yvonne and I did our u-turn, we saw Weisian and Zhilei running towards us. Junior Yvonne was running behind them. Glad that she was following them as I was afraid she would lose her way being the first time she joined us for runs.

MF Yvonne dropped back slightly after we ran past the petrol kiosk. Since we were doing a decent sub 5:15″/km pace so far, I wanted to press on to see how far I could last at this pace. Took my gel after I crossed the Nicoll Highway bridge. The gel seemed to work wonders and I found myself picking up my speed as I ran past Nicoll Highway Station, Singapore Flyer and Esplanade. Finally, I reached Anson Road and I sneaked into M Hotel to use the washroom. I was chided by the cleaning aunty for making the toilet’s floor all wet cos I was sweating profusely. Uh-oh. =p.

Top up my bottle and tell myself to hang on to the pace to finish the last 5km of the run. By then, the sun was out. I was feeling the heat as I ran on the pavement towards Harbourfront station. Finally, it was the last 1km to the clubhouse. I tried to maintain the same effort up Henderson Road. Completed 30km in about 2hr 36mins, excluding rest time.

A run that felt so much better as compared to the run 2 weeks ago, both physically and mentally. =)


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