Chasing the men

Joined MF Safra for their run yesterday’s evening. The training program was a 11km route starting from the Clubhouse to Depot Rd, enter Canterbury Estate, 3 loops of Winchester Rd and back to Clubhouse via Telok Blg St. 31.

Despite running inside Canterbury for a few times, I am still not familiar with the route. Hence, my plan was to stick close to the runners and try to keep up with them so I would not end up losing my way.

I started the first 2km of the run with Jackie and Edwin.Suppose to be an easy run (for me), but we were already running at an average of 5:18″/km by the time we reached the traffic lights. As soon as we entered Canterbury estate, Edwin sped up and disappeared from sight. Jackie and I continued at our own pace and caught up with Ray and a few runners ahead. Not long after, Ken cruised by and was soon running beside Jackie.

By the time we reached Winchester Road, my average pace has increased to 5:12″/km. Ong dashed past us when we started on our first loop. Ray, whom I was following closely initially has dropped behind. I could only see Jackie and Ken ahead of me. Soon, Joe was just right beside me. Fearing that I would lost my way without the guys leading the way, I tried to keep up with them. It was getting dark and at some stretches it was so dim that I could not see the road properly. The darkness was enough to urge me to run faster and not get lost in the estate.

We finished the 3 loops and was back to the T-junction. Ken slowed down while Jackie increased his pace and sped off. I gave chase. And struggled to keep Jackie in sight. I was hoping that I could at least see him till I made my way out of Canterbury estate. Managed to do so until the final stretch to the main road where he totally disappeared from sight. Fortunately, I was already back on familiar grounds. Checked my time and realised my average pace was now 5:05″/km. Not long after, Joe caught up with me and I decided to just follow him to finish the last part of the run.

We crossed the traffic light and I could feel our pace picking up again as we ran towards Telok Blangah st 31. Spotted WS and ZL along the way. They were tapering for The North Face race this Sat. Joe and I continued our run up st 31 slope. I was breathless and wondered if I could still sustain my pace up the incline. So it was great to have Joe running ahead of me; to keep me motivated to continue my chase and resist the temptation to slow down. Heard my Garmin distance alert and I tried to pick up my pace at the last km. Seeing me overtake him, Joe pushed too. We finished the entire 11km run in about 54 mins. Average pace: 4:59″/km.

A truly satisfying run, chasing the men. =)


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