Back to M&M

Time flies! In two weeks’ time, it will be the BIG race we had been preparing ourselves for.

Jackie and I decided to start this week’s long run at MacRitchie as it has been some time since we last visited the M&M and upper/lower peirce reservoir. However, the usual route to and fro is only 18km. In order to make up to 29-30km, Jackie planned a route that took us to Mandai, Upper Seletar Reservoir.

We met up with Yvonne at the visitor center at about 6.30am. She had just recovered from her diarrhea and wanted to clock some mileage. We started our run at about 6min”/km pace and slowly increased the pace to about 5:30″/km after 3km.

Huffed and puffed up the hills and let my legs flow as I go down the slopes. I almost forgotten how nice it was to run along the “air-con” road. The weather was so cooling that my spectacles turned foggy. Soon, we reached the gate after 8km. U-turn and we were pleasantly surprised to see our local elite athlete, Mok and his training partner, Jason Lawrence. They were running fast towards us, yet it seemed so relax and easy for them. We exchanged some greetings with one another as we ran past and continued running towards the reservoir.

By the time we came out of the toilet, they were already ahead of us and on their way out of the reservoir. The sight of them spurred us to run a little faster. Initially, they were just a few metres ahead. The gap became a few hundreds metres and they vanished right after conquering the hills.

Jackie, Yvonne and I continued running at our own comfortable pace. (of course we have no guts to chase.) We exited the reservoir and were back on the pavement along the main road. After some time, we spotted the two elite athletes crossing the road. They appeared a couple of hundred metres ahead of us. They have probably stopped to hydrate themselves.

As we approached Mandai Road, Mok and Jason continued running straight while Jackie, Yvonne and I turned left. By then, Jackie had increased his pace and was ahead of me by a fair bit, though still within my sight. Yvonne was not too far away behind me. I was amazed to see five brown dogs sun-bathing along the road! As I approached the end of the road, we spotted the two elites again, having their pit-stop at the toilet. I saw Jackie turned right to continue along the reservoir and I followed suit. The running path here was crowded with runners and early raisers. There was a couple taking wedding shots too.

Jackie did his u-turn upon reaching the gate and was still looking fresh as he ran past. I did my u-turn after touching the gate shortly after. Surprised to see Mok and Jason again as they ran past, towards the gate. (Guess they continued running straight as that was the last time we saw them.)

Finally, I reached the toilet where Jackie was waiting for me and Yvonne. We rested a while and the three of us continued the return leg to MR. I was still able to keep Jackie in sight until we reach the road to enter into Upper Peirce Reservoir. By then, we have completed about 22km and I decided to take some gel since I was slowing down. Jackie, on the other hand, sped up and I lost him after a while. Spotted many runners from Toa Payoh Safra along the way and they even offered me a drink. (Must be because I was wearing the new Safra vest and they recognised be as a member).

I tried to push a little harder at the last 5km of my run. Total distance completed: 29km in about 2hrs 36mins.

A nice change of scenery since it was the first time I ran to Mandai road and Upper Seletar Reservoir. I kind of enjoyed it. =)

Alright, one last long run this weekend and the countdown shall begin!


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