New Year’s Eve

I have been feeling lazy ever since I came back from my Bangkok trip on 23rd Dec. Luckily, I managed to pull myself out of the house and did a few easy runs and tempo runs to get back the momentum of training for a marathon.

31 Dec 2012,

It was a Monday and the last day of 2012. I wanted to try to run 20.12 km just for the fun of it. Set out from my house and ran towards Benoi Road. Did a U-turn after Singapore Discovery Centre and ran past Jurong Safra. I continued running towards Lakeside MRT. Turned left and ran along the canal that separate Jurong West and East. Ran past Chinese Garden MRT station and instead of running straight ahead towards IMM, I decided to try a different route by turning right. Found myself running towards Science Centre. Did a U-turn at the entrance and ran the same route back.

It was a good run except that I miscalculated and the total distance turned up to be 21.43km instead of 20.12km by the time I reached somewhere closer to home. Time taken: 1 hr 52 mins. A pretty decent pace I would say. But too many traffic lights along the way and I stopped and rest too much.

Counting down to 2013! Happy New Year to all!


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