Another LSD

Till now, I have yet to plan for my training for my HK half marathon. So it helps when you have a boyfriend who has started on his training program for his full marathon. All you got to do is follow and simply shorten the distance.

Did a 25km long run starting from my place this morning. Boon Lay Way –> Bukit Batok Road–>CCK Loop –>Boon Lay Way. That was about 20km.

I was already struggling to keep up with Jackie who seemed to be running faster and getting further away.  Finally, I reached the traffic junction at Jurong Central Park where he was waiting for me. In order to make up the remaining 5km, we ran along international road. It was the usual 5km loop (training route) which starts and ends at Jurong Safra Clubhouse. I stopped the moment my Garmin read 25km while Jackie continued another 2-3km around Jurong Central Park.

Completed 25 km in 2hrs 12 min. Pace was good but gosh, it was so tiring and a struggle especially the last 5km. Was actually thinking of running at least 30km next week. But Jackie advised me that I should make sure I can complete 25km comfortably and confidently first before I increase the distance in few weeks’ time. Sounds logical to me. Shall stick to 25-26km for the time being then. =)


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