Love-Hate Relationship with Coffee

Back from Batam with Jackie and we decided to join MF Safra for Thurs’ evening run. We were slightly early and Jackie bought a can of coffee for me. Initial plan was to have coffee at Yakun but it was closed.

The program was a 13km run starting from clubhouse to queensway to portsdown to commonwealth MRT station and back to queensway, depot road and clubhouse.

I started the run with Jackie and Melvin. Both of them were fast and I tried to keep up with their pace. Before I know it, we were running at about 5min”/km pace or perhaps faster. I was not familiar with the route, despite running it once or twice before so was glad that I managed to keep them in sight. Managed to catch up with them at Portsdown traffic light. However, they sped up again and I lost them at Buona Vista when I did not manage to cross the road in time before the lights turned red.

I was all alone then and tried my best to maintain the same pace after I lost the two guys. All was fine until I had a stomach discomfort and needed to use the toilet. (Must be the coffee that I took less than half an hr before run started) Anyway, knowing that Commonwealth MRT was just further up, I tried my best to run as fast as I could towards it. Was very relieved when I saw “Kuo Fu”, a foodcourt. Luckily, there was a vacant toilet and I do not need to go searching elsewhere. Phew!

Cleared my bowels and off I went to continue my run again. This time, however, I could not seem to go any faster. Arrived at Queensway, and was slightly disoriented. Stopped to ask a passer-by for the direction of Alexandra Hospital so that I would know the right direction to head towards to.

Ran along depot road and finally reached the clubhouse. 13km done in 1hr 04 min. Average pace: 4:51″/km. I was hoping I could run under 4:50″/km though.

I love coffee and always enjoyed a cup before a run. This experience serves a good reminder that I should take my coffee at least 30 mins before a run so I have ample time to visit the toilet. Stopping halfway to find a toilet is so not funny.


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