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Jackie and I decided to run at East Coast Park today. Met up with Yvonne, Ray Daniel and Andy early in the morning. My plan was to follow Jackie till the 13km mark before I do a u-turn and return to Carpark B1. He will ran farther down towards Changi Aviation Centre as his plan was to run about 36km.

Did not charge my Garmin properly the night before and it refused to be switched on. Fortunately I have my trusty timex to fall back on. Jackie and I started off at a comfortable 5:46″min/km pace. Average pace gradually increased to about 5:20″/km pace after 7km. Daniel and gang were not too far away as we could still hear them chit-chatting and laughing away. As I do not have my garmin with me and was purely following Jackie’s pace, I jokingly ask him to run a bit faster. Haha!

Bumped into Thow Wei and his friends along the canal. Jackie and I said Hi to him and continued running into Changi Coastal Road. Upon hitting 13km, I did a u-turn while Jackie ran ahead. Time checked: 1hr 09 min.

On the return route, I saw Mok with two other guys running towards the sailing club. Not long after, I spotted Renuka (one of the fastest 10km female runner in Singapore) running towards me and we greeted each other. Probably motivated to see these elite runners, I decided to run a bit faster to see if I could do a negative split for this long run.

Weather was good, and a bit of sun was coming out. I pressed on, not knowing exactly how fast I was going, but I was quite enjoying the run. It seems so much easier compared to the long run last week.

I was about 2 or 3 km away from Carpark B1 when I sensed someone behind me. It’s Renuka! So fast, she caught up with me. She ran alongside me and started chatting with me. Surprised by her company, I chatted with her too, sharing with her that Jackie and I are going to HK for full and half marathon respectively. She advised me on the attire for running in a cool weather. Unconsciously, we probably increased our speed. I was feeling breathless with talking and running at the same time. Yet, Renuka seemed so at ease. It was like an easy run for her.

I was happy and grateful to have Renuka accompanying me for the last part of the run. Teh company spiced up the run a little and I ended up finishing strong too. =)

I stopped at carpark B1 while Renuka continued running towards the end of the park. Completed 26km in 2hr 15mins. Yes, a negative split achieved! And this brings down my average pace to abt 5:10″/km.

Couldn’t be happier. =D


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