Late Night Run (Part 1)

It was raining yesterday morning and hence decided to postpone my long run to evening. Thought it would be nice to start my run at 6pm or 7pm. But I had a late dinner so waited for a while more before I finally stepped out of the house at close to 8pm.

My plan was to run at least 28km. Decided to start my run by heading towards Benoi as there was less traffic there. From there, I will u-turn at Singapore Discovery Centre, return to upper jurong road and continue running into NTU. If possible, I will try to complete 3 loops around the school compound. Each loop is about 5km. I chose NTU partly because there’s no traffic lights and it feels safe enough to run at night having stayed for a few semesters before few years ago. Another reason was because of the hilly terrains, which I though will be beneficial to prepare for the undulating terrains for HK half marathon too.

I was still running comfortably after completing one loop inside NTU, going in an anti-clockwise direction. For the second loop, I decided to try the clockwise direction. Managed to complete the 2nd loop without slowly down significantly but I could sense fatigue creeping in. By the end of the 2nd loop, I have completed about 19km in total. Still, I know if I want to cover at least 28km, I need to finish another loop before running another 4km back home. The third and last round (anti-clockwise direction) was very mental. I was reluctant to start, but I knew if I were to run out of NTU, I would probably head straight home. The third round was the slowest of all. I felt my legs turned jelly half-way through and struggled to complete the other half. Average pace dropped significantly but I was just too tired and not motivated to push myself to run faster.

I was very relieved when I finally completed the last loop. Ran out of NTU and headed home.

Total distance: 28 km

Time: 2hr 28min 30s (excluding rest time and stops)

Average pace: 5:26″/km

Not my ideal pace, but judging the terrain and the time of the night, I take this anytime. Just so glad I did not give up and had achieved what I have set out to do. A long run which includes 3 loops around NTU. I’m amazed I survived. But.. once is enough! =p


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