Late Night Run (Part 2)

Decided to sleep in on a cool Sunday morning and had the intention of postponing the long run to late afternoon or evening. Unfortunately, sky turned gloomy and it has been raining non-stop since the afternoon. The shower continued all the way to late afternoon. So that was zero mileage on Sunday. =(

With less than three weeks to HK half marathon and thereafter, about six weeks to Boston marathon, I realised if I do not start clocking higher mileage now, I probably would not have enough time to do as many long runs as planned after the HK trip.

So this evening’s plan was to complete 30km. Decided to try the same route as last week and twitch a little. I started from my place towards Singapore Discovery Centre via upper jurong road, did a u-turn after 4km near Joo Koon MRT. Then, I ran into NTU. Decided to run 2 loops instead of 3 this time (because 3 loops made my legs turned jelly last week.) By the time I exited NTU, I have clocked about 19km. I was pleased that my average pace was about 5:15″/km then.

I ran back the same route and decided to run to Joo Koon MRT again. This time, instead of doing a u-turn, I did a loop, running past many factories. As I was running along this stretch, I was not breathing too hard but my legs just could not go any faster. Fatigue was setting in and I was slowing down significantly. My isotonic drink was running out too, so I was controlling the amount I drank each time.

A couple of kilometres later, I found myself at Pioneer Road North. I was very happy to reach the main road and continued one km more to reach Jurong Safra Clubhouse. I was so tempted to stop then. My house is just opposite. However, having clocked only 28 km at that point, I have no choice but to trudge on finish the remaining 2 km by running around Jurong Central Park. I was struggling then and decided not to go for pace anymore, since I was already slowing down and my average pace has dropped to 5:17″/km.

Finally, completed my 30km long run! Mission accomplished, but gosh, I am so tired and my legs feel as if they do not belong to me. The quads especially, there was a strain on my right quad when I started running earlier on. Probably I have yet to recover fully from consecutive tempo runs and speedwork last week. Strange, because I have rested for three solid days!

Would a pair of Compress Sports Q Quad aids recovery? I’m seriously thinking about getting a pair to try it out. Shall ponder over this for the next few days.


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