Feel-Good Tempo Run

We were back to NUS for 3 x 5 km loop around the campus. I was planning to run between 4:50″/km to 5″/km for tonight’s tempo run. The guys, WL and Kenneth shot off like rockets and disappeared after a while.

I keep close to Stella, while Joe was a distance ahead of us. As we ran up the slope at NUH, Stella and I suddenly found ourselves going faster than our intended pace. Our average pace then was already 4:45″/km.

Joe was waiting for us at the top of the slope. I tried to keep up with Joe on the last few km back to the start point and was surprised to know I have clocked just under 23 mins for the first loop. Excited and still feeling good, I told myself to hang on to the pace for the second loop.

To my delight, I clocked under 23 min for my second loop too. By then, Joe has dropped back, and I was running alone. I pressed on to see if I could try to sustain the same pace for my last loop. Pace dropped a bit and I finished my third loop slightly above 23 mins.

Nonetheless, I am very happy as this was the very first time I completed the three loops within 70 mins! I used to struggle so hard to complete at sub 5″/km pace. So to be able to complete my run in under 70 mins tonight was a great confidence-booster.

Though, I can’t help but wonder if today’s performance was because I had rested for one whole day (no work as I was on leave today). I was definitely feeling recharged and more fresh as compared to other working days where I felt mentally drained by the time I start my runs in the evenings.



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