Long run again

Jackie was trying to convince me to rest instead of doing a long run this morning because I am still having runny nose.

But time is running out and I am anxious to do as many long runs as I can from now till April. And the truth is, I did feel better after resting for two days. At least the lump in the throat was no longer there, and my nose is no longer blocked.

So early morning, we met up with WS and ZL and WS gave us a lift to East Coast Park. The couple was planning to do 34km so they would be running all the way to Changi coastal road and u-turn after 17km.

Jackie only intend to do 22km since he just did a full marathon last week in Hkg. So the plan was to run with him from B1 car park till the traffic lights just before coastal road (that will be about 11km). U-turn and return to B1 carpark together. Thereafter, he will stop while I continue to run 10 km (hopefully) to make it 32 km.

With Jackie as my pacer, I managed to run at an average of 5:15″/km pace for the first 22km of my long run. Stop for a toilet break at B1 Carpark and dragged myself to continue running. I was feeling quite tired and know it would not be possible to continue at 5:15″/km pace anymore.

Jackie, sensing I was exhausted, yet knowing I am not going to be happy if I stop, told me to just try running 3km and u-turn. And should I feel good enough to run farther, I could then continue to 4km.

3km did sound easy enough. So I began running slowly. My pace dropped to 5:45″/km then but I was not focusing on running fast anymore, I just wanted to complete the distance I have set out to do. Maybe not 32km, but at least 30km.

It was a miserable 3km run but I realised I could still go on for another 1km. Did a u-turn when my garmin reads 26km and the run got slightly better on the return leg to B1 Carpark.

Total distance: 30km
Total time taken: 2:41:50 hrs
Average pace: 5:22″/km

Four more long runs and I will be looking forward to tapering.
*Hang in there*


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