Long Run at M&M

Decided to bring forward my long run from Sunday to Saturday as Safra is having an inter-club road relay at Tampines Safra tomorrow.

The target was to complete 35km, starting from MR visitor centre–> Old Upper Thomson Rd–> Lower Peirce Reservoir–> Mandai Road–>Upper Seletar Reservoir and U-turn back to MR visitor centre.

Woke up slightly late and Jackie and I ended up starting the run close to 7am. As Jackie need to rush for work later, and I was breathing harder than usual while trying to keep up with him, I told him to go ahead and not wait for me. He slowly disappeared from sight as we entered into M&M.

Not sure is it because of the coffee we both had this morning; had to make an unplanned pit stop along the way. Said goodbye to Jackie when I bumped into him again along the way. 25 km more to go, I’m now all on my own.

The rest of the run along Upper Thomson Road and Mandai Road was uneventful. Took my gel and a short break when I reached Upper Seletar Reservoir. The break and gel helped, I felt stronger and refreshed when I began the second half of my long run.

The sun was out on the return leg. I was surprised to know that I was actually running faster than before. Seems like starting slow and steady is the way to last longer.

4km away from the destination, I decided to stop again to top up my water bottle. It was so warm and sunny and I could not resist pouring some water over my heads and shoulders to cool myself down.

Completed 35km in 3:07:04 hrs (excluding rest time)
Average pace: 5:21″/km

Happy with today’s run because somehow I managed to speed up a bit towards the end and finished strong.


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