Run 350

With just one week to Boston Marathon, I was hesitant at first to sign up for this race as it would mean giving up my last weekend to clock the final mileage as planned. However, after listening to Jackie and a few training buddies’ opinions, I decided to go for it and treat it as my last “hard” workout as part of my training for Boston Marathon. They feel that I should have sufficient time to recover in a week even after a hard 21km run.

Well, I wasn’t so sure. So right till race day, I was still deciding the pace for this race. Spotted Anne and a few overseas runners and I knew it would be tough to retain my 2nd runner-up title from last year. But I still hope to do better than last year (1:34:31hrs) and achieve a new pb for local half marathon. When the horn sounded, I got a little carried away by the excitement and realised I was running at 4:22″/km for my first km.

Stella caught up with me and told me that she would not be racing all out as she has yet to recover from her 2XU run the week before. I was feeling fresh then and decided to just drop my pace a little to avoid burning out at the end.

*photo credits to Lifestyle1881*

*photo credits to Lifestyle1881*

The middle portion seemed a bit tougher and my average pace eventually dropped to 4:30″/km. I told myself to just stick to this pace. I was feeling ok, not really easy breezy but I was not panting hard, which I took it as a good sign. I was certain that I could maintain this pace till the end of the race. At about 14-15km, I was beginning to feel the fatigue. My current pace dropped significantly and the average pace became 4:31″/km.

As I ran past Marina Bay Sands, I spotted Chia from a distance. Seeing him motivated me to run a little faster to see if I could catch up with him. It took me a while, but I eventually overtook him as I ran up the bridge. As I ran past Chia and another guy who was running alongside with him, I shouted, “jiayou, just 1 more km to go!” I was only ahead of them for a short while. Chia recharged, overtook me as we turned into the path leading to F1 pit.

I was giving chase and then I realised my shoelaces have come undone. Should I stop to tie the shoelaces? It did went through my head a couple of times. But with less than 1km to finishing line, I thought it wouldn’t be worth the effort and time.

So I ran, a tab more gingerly, towards the finishing line, praying that I would not trip and fall.

Completed the 21km in 1hr 34mins 08sec, average pace 4:31″/km. A new pb for local half-marathon. Am quite happy with this results as this pace was just slightly faster than my marathon race pace for Boston, definitely another confidence booster run.

And for records, I didn’t trip and fall. =p
Note to self: always check and tie my shoelaces tightly before the start of any race.

*photo credits to KPI, Joey Lu*

*photo credits to KPI, Joey Lu*


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