Resting today

A lingering pain on my left ankle since last Tuesday (which I have thought was just a normal strain after a hard workout) has yet to subside. =(

After applying ointment and massaging the injured area on Thursday, it has started swelling too. It’s not a strain after all, but a minor sprain. The pain was bearable and hardly noticeable when I run though. Which was why I continued my tapering plans for KOTR and also resume training with Jurong Safra last night.

Still, I guess last night intervals (10x400m with 37s to 40s rest in between) and drills were too much for my ankle to handle. The pain and swell are more noticeable now.

Probably will be wise to rest today and visit a sinseh later this evening. It’s nothing major as compared to the bad sprains I had a year or two back. Reckon that I should be back training with Jurong Safra on Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed!


I’m back from the sinseh. Now my ankle is all wrapped up. TCM is so expensive these days and consultation fee has increased again. Glad I purchased a personal accident insurance. Anyway, the sinseh advised me to stop exercising until the pain has subside. No cold drinks and I have to keep the bandage on till Friday morning. Alright, shall be good and listen to his advice. No running on Thursday evening.

As much as I would like to do the tempo run on Thurs, after reading the following article which I stumbled across earlier, I felt much better to know that taking time off from running for a few days will not significantly reduce my fitness.

Check this out:-

Sounds logical to me. Have a good read!


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