Long Slow Run

After resting for 4 days, I decided that my ankle was good enough to start running yesterday. I really wanted to do this long run especially when AHM is just two weeks away.

Overslept and by the time the bf and I started our run, it was 10 mins to 10 am. It was still cloudy then so we did not think too much of the weather. The target was to run 28 km, from my house at Jurong West to Lim Chu Kang and back. We started off at a comfortable pace betw 5:40 – 5:45″/km and gradually increased our pace.

Pit stop at a toilet after about 5km. I was still feeling good and my injured ankle wasn’t giving me any problems. I thought I wouldn’t have much trouble completing the distance.

However, the sun came up not long after the pit-stop. We seemed to be running faster too, with average pace at 5:35″/km. I was beginning to feel tired and my heartbeat quicken. The road ahead was just a long dusty stretch with no sight of civilizations except for huge lorries and trucks. Jackie was slightly ahead and I pushed myself to keep him in sight. We turned right into another road, and had to stay close to the sides as there were more vehicles on the windy, narrow road. My cap was blown away when a gust of wind came rushing from the front as a truck sped by. I was so exhausted and was relieved when I saw Jackie stopped at a bus-stop to let the vehicles passed. Finally, I could rest a while! But not for long as we were still far from the u-turn point. We continued running shortly and stopped again at a junction. Seeing that I was tired, Jackie asked if I want to u-turn here or to continue running. We have only ran about 11km then. Determined to complete at least 25km, I told him I could still continue.

So we turned right into a road with farms on both sides. I had to hold my breath for a while here as the smell of fertilizers were simply too much to bear. We stopped when our Garmin read 12.5km. Jackie went into the farm to top up my water bottle while I took the chance to rest and catch my breath.

As the scorching sun was now up and burning our backs, we decided to u-turn to complete 25km instead of 28km as planned initially. We continued running and though I was feeling marginally better, I was still struggling. I was already panting hard despite my pace dropping to almost 6 mins/km. Jackie was concerned and tried to cheer me up. But I was simply too tired to pay any attention. The run only got smoother when we finally reached the main road. Though the stretch of road ahead seems never ending, the thought of the next pit-stop about 5km away kept me going. The only problem was that my injured ankle was beginning to feel funny too. It wasn’t too painful for me to call for a stop, but definitely not as comfortable as before. Fatigue was also setting in for Jackie as I could hear him breathing more heavily behind me. It was nice to receive some cheering from cyclists who were resting at a bus-stop. One even tried to take a picture of us running.

We were both glad to reach the pit-stop. I took the chance to pour lots of water over my head and shoulders to cool myself down. By the time we continued running again, it was already past noon. It took us about 2km to exit the cemeteries and finally, we were back into the civilizations. I was feeling much better now that we were only 3 km away from home. I was certain that we could finished the distance albeit at a slower pace under the scorching hot sun. However, I was surprised to see Jackie who was slightly ahead slowed down to a walk. I guess the unforgiving weather and run has also taken a toll on him as well. In the end, we decided to walk the remaining distance back home, cutting through some HDB blocks for the shades.

Quite a disastrous long run I would say. Feeling quite burnout especially during the middle portion. No way am I going to do the same route close to afternoon again.


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