2013 in review

2013 has been a jolly good year of running. Yes, this is despite that my key and last race of the year was a disappointment and I did not perform up to my own (and perhaps others’) expectations. Flashback to all the races I did this year and I realised that 2013 was not too bad after all! Out of the 11 races I signed up for, I had 10 good races. Achieved new PBs in 10km, half-marathon and marathon, coupled with a few podium positions too.

25 Feb: Hong Kong Marathon (21km)

It was my first time to Hong Kong and my first time running in a cool climate. Achieved my PB, 1:31:17 for the half-marathon and finished 10th under the women open category and 6th for my age group.

7 Apr: Run 350 (21km)

One last hard workout just a week before I head to Boston. Did not meet my expected timing but was still quite pleased with 1:34:13s as I managed to sustain a pace that was slightly faster than my target marathon race pace for Boston. It was also one of the fastest 21km I clocked in a local race. Came in 5th under the women’s open category.

15 Apr: Boston Marathon

This was definitely the highlight of the year. 3 years ago, I never have thought I could qualify for Boston Marathon. And so when the opportunity came along after I did 3:28 for KL Marathon in 2012, I trained hard for this. Was super elated with the results as it was a personal best for a full marathon – 3:17:09! It was one of the best race experiences I ever had. (It was a sad day also because of the bombings. What was intended to be a festive occasion and celebration turned so quickly into devastation and ended in a tragedy. No one deserves to go through that kind of suffering, pain and grief. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.)

31 May: Sundown Marathon

I signed up for this together with Jackie to treat this as a prep for our KL Marathon in end June. I did not have high expectation for this race as I had taken 2 weeks of break after Boston marathon. So I was really surprised to came in 3rd position under the Women’s open category with a timing of 3:30:36. A confidence booster race for me as I managed to finish the race strongly towards the end.

7 Jul: Ipoh International Marathon (20km)

Unfortunately, KL Marathon was postponed to Sept due to haze. Hence, it was a last minute decision to sign up for Ipoh half marathon. Finished under 1hr 28min (distance was shorter than 21km) and came in 12th for my category. Had enjoyed the run thoroughly and feel good throughout.

1 Sep: Army Half Marathon

A new category for Family’s Women this year. Happy to come in 2nd for this category with a time of about 1hr 30min. This cannot be considered a PB though as the distance was shorter by about 500m. I did not manage to hit my target pace but overall I was still satisfied with my performance as I had given my all at the end to chase after Baoying, the champion for the same category.

14 Sep: Sundown Ultramarathon (25km x 4)  

It was one of my toughest races ever. I had really pushed myself for this race. Completed 25km in about 1:54:06. And with awesome performances from the rest of my team mates, we came in first runner-up for the mixed team category! Love the camaraderie and team spirit!

20 Oct: Newton Challenge (32km)

The distance was increased from 30km to 32km this year. This race was a good lead-up race to SCMS in Dec and I planned to test out my marathon race pace. Managed to sustain an average of 4:36″/min pace, which was faster than my 4:44″/min pace in 2012. Happy to finish in 2:25:36 and for the first time came in first for a local race.

3 Nov: Nike We Run Sg (10km)

Have not been racing shorter distances like 10km for the whole year. I was excited about this race as I knew I might have a chance to break my 10km PB which was also achieved at Nike run last year. My first sub 41 min 10km race. Finished in 40:44 min and came in a surprised 3rd position for the women’s category, behind Anne and Vivian. Totally unbelievable I would be standing on stage with the two fastest women in Singapore, and receive the prize from Allyson Felix, Olympic Gold Medalist for 200m.

10 Nov: Great Eastern Women’s Run (21km)

Though I did not manage to sustain the race pace I have set to do, I was delighted and surprised to come in first for the women’s closed category with a time of 1:34:17s. This timing was about two minutes faster than the GE run I did last year. Had an enjoyable run throughout.

1 Dec: Singapore Marathon (42km)

This race did not went well for me. Suffered from cramps at the last 5 km of the race and could only walk and jog to the finishing line. Still, I was glad that I had persevere and went on to finish the race. Was very lucky to squeeze into top 10. Finished the marathon in 3:36:35 and came in 6th position under the Singapore Women’s Category.


All in all 2013 has been an awesome year. One disastrous race does not mean I have failed. It simply means I had a bad race and I did not perform well. I should not let the bad race experience discount and doubt all my training efforts and ability. (Did took me some time to come to terms with this though).

Instead of focusing on end results, I have learnt to focus on the progress. My goal for 2014 is to keep improving bit by bit and grow stronger and fitter.

Looking forward to more good miles and races in 2014! May next year be an even better year in all aspects of life! Happy New Year to all! =)  


2 thoughts on “2013 in review

  1. Hey, well done!! You did awesome in 2013. I dont consider your SCMS was a disasterous. In fact that should have been highlighted as your best achievement, to run through the cramp and pain and still able to be in the top 10. Wish you all the best for 2014. Soon you will be able to run with Mok and represent Singpore in SEA games

    • Hi Syafei! Thanks for your support as always! 2014 has started well for me! Just completed Hong Kong marathon last Sunday and I got a new PB. Will be sharing my race experience on this blog soon! Stay tuned! May 2014 be a good year for you too! Keep pursuing your dreams!

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