Run 350 – Race Cancelled

I fell sick a week before the race day. Though I recovered just in time, with no more fever, I still feel unfit with my stuffy nose. So it was like a blessing in disguise when the 21km race was cancelled due to heavy rain, and some of us ended up running 10km non-competitively…

27 April 2014


A photo with our friends from Jurong Safra Running Club before the race.

Arrived early in the morning before 4.30am. The 21km race was scheduled to be flagged off at 5.30am. By 5am, many runners had gathered near the start pen, waiting to enter once the pen is open. We waited for some time, and saw flashes of lightning from afar. Sky was red and heavy clouds gathered. A thunderstorm seemed to be brewing. At close to 5.30am, organiser announced that they received Cat 1 warning and the race would be delayed. Almost on cue, less than a minute later, it really began to pour. All the runners finally dispersed and sought for shelter.

Jackie and I went to look for our friends from Jurong Safra. A few of them were the appointed lead cyclists for the event. We sat down and chit-chat with fellow runners while waiting for the rain to stop.


At close to 7am, it was announced that the 21km race was cancelled. 10km race would be delayed by 10 mins. 21km runners are welcome to join in the 10km run, but as a non-competitive runner.

Since we have waited for so long, we decided to join in the 10km run and treat it as a hard tempo training.

10km runners were flagged off at 7.10am. I tried to run at 4:15″/km pace right from the start and realised I could only sustain it for about 3km. A mistake to start so fast. Rachel overtook me shortly later. She was strong and fast and I saw her catching up with another girl clad in yellow top who was ahead. Then, I could not even see Rachel anymore. I tried my best to keep the girl in yellow top in sight and I could no longer even sustain a 4:20″/km pace. My pace dropped to about 4:22″/km to 4:30″/km thereafter. At about 7km, Daniel from Jurong Safra ran past me, making it seemed like a breeze. He has improved lots every since he joined Jurong Safra last year. A very hardworking and disciplined runner who trains on his own when he misses any of our training. Anyway, I tried to keep Daniel in sight, but he seems to get stronger with every step he took and soon I lost him too.


Turned into a park and I saw Jackie running out. We cheered for each other as we ran past. Knowing that the finishing line was close, I got motivated and picked up my pace again. Was surprised and relieved to see the “500m ahead” sign as according to my garmin, it shows slightly above 9km only. The last stretch, which was a wide straight road was a good finale for all runners. It just made you want to run as fast as you can towards the finishing line. From a distance, I saw the clock and realised that’s a good chance to finish it under 42 mins. I ran as hard as I could and finished in 41:23 mins.

It wasn’t my best time (even with the shorter distance) but overall I’m quite satisfied as I have put in my best effort for a good 10km tempo run on a wet Sunday morning.

And nothing beats having a nice cup of coffee after run. =)




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