Shape Run 2014

Shape Run was an unplanned race. Tempted by my Ascis teammate, Kaifen who has signed for the 5km category, I signed up for the 10km category on the last day of the registration. As the race was held just two weeks before Army Half Marathon, I thought the 10km would be a good lead-up run to the half marathon.

It was my first race after Gold Coast Airport Marathon and I was not 100% confident of doing a new PB for 10km. It may seem a bit too ambitious to target for a 40mins at my current fitness, but I wanted to give it a try. If all else fails, at least I had throw in a good tempo run.

17 August 2014 – Race Day

The 10km runners were flagged off promptly at 6:30am in the morning. I tried to follow the front pack consisting Vanja, Renuka, Vivian and two Caucasians runners. First km was completed at 3:57″/km pace. It the first time I started so fast for a 10km race and the first time to see the lead vehicle at such close distance. Vanja was clearly ahead of the pack and getting faster. Vivian was hot on her heels. Renuka was running just a bit behind a young Caucasian girl in blue. There was another Caucasian athlete clad in orange top ahead, and I tried my best to keep her in sight.

Trailing beind the front pack when the race started.

Trailing behind the front pack when the race started.

My 2nd km dropped to 4:10″km pace. Sue Corser caught up with me and overtook me. I tried to keep up with her. We caught up with the Caucasian in orange top but not long after, another Caucasian runner came from behind and overtook the both us. She was tall and lean and running strong. Soon, we were back at the starting point, where the 5km runners were getting ready for their race to start. I heard some familiar voices cheering for me, but did not dare to look back. I could sense that Sue was slowing down. I tried to sped up a little to break away from her.There was another hairpin turn ahead and I saw Renuka running together with the young girl on the other side. They were pulling away fast. Did my u-turn and this time on my left, I saw pacers Baldwin and Zhilei who cheered for me just before I turned right towards Singapore Flyer.

I was disappointed when I realised that my 3rd km and 4th km had dropped to 4:14″/km and 4:17″/km pace. This isn’t good at all. I need to put in more effort  in my run. Managed to run a 4:12″/km split at the 5th km, followed by 4:05″/km at my 6th km. As I ran towards F1 pit, I lost sight of the Caucasian runner ahead. There were barricades put up, but surprisingly there were no marshals around to the direct the runners. Without thinking much, I took the path on the right-hand side, albeit a more narrow one.

It did not occur to me that I should be running on the outside, until I reached the end of F1 pit and it was a dead end in front. I was stunned for a while. Am I on the correct route? I could not see anyone in front. But surely, there’s not other path other than this. I glanced behind me, and saw a female runner and Sue running on. I skipped over the chain and continued my run. I was relieved to see the runner whom I have been chasing just up ahead, as she made a left turn into the park connector. My 7th km reads 4:17″/km. Only 3 more km to go, I pressed on.

Few minutes later, I came to a space where there were barricades arranged in such a way that you ran a few steps in, do a sharp u-turn and out again to enter the park. The purpose is probably to make up the distance to be exact 10km. I ran in, only to get a shock to see the 5th placed runner running towards me. Blur me back tracked a bit and re-entered the barricade on the correct side. A bit of confusion, why would the organiser put two openings? My 8th km reads 4:23″/km. I am way off my target. I could feel another runner hot my heels and Sue not far behind too. That got me really worried and I sped up.

Saw Jackie with Weisian and Trevor standing at the side cheering for me as I ran past. I was too exhausted to even smile. Came out of the park and into a tunnel consisting of up and down slopes. My split at 9km reads 4:10″/km.

The race seemed to finish rather abruptly after I came out of the tunnel. Ran straight for a few hundred metres and then there was a sudden right to the finishing line. Finished the race in 41:33 min, average pace 4:11″/km.

Relieved to finally finish the 10km race.

Yeah! Finished!

No PB and missed my target by more than a minute and a half, but am happy that the time matches the finishing time I did at Jurong Lake Run in June (41:40 min). Managed to secure my 6th position from the start till the end too.

And it was only after the results were released, I realised the 5th place lady, who I had been chasing hard right from the start is Anna Helowicz. I first came across her name in the article written by Run Society on Gold Coast Airport Marathon. Anna is the first Singaporean/PR to finish the marathon in an impressive 3hr! Glad to finally meet her in person.

And like every other races, there were lots of photo-taking after the run.

The prize winners for the 10km category.

The prize winners for the 10km category.

Asics Teammate, Kaifen did well! 3rd for her 5km category! =)

Asics Teammate, Kaifen did well! 3rd for her 5km category! =)

Best part of the race is catching up and taking pictures with friends.

Best part of the race is catching up and taking pictures with friends.

With my one and only cheerleader who always makes time to support me at my races. <3

With my one and only cheerleader who always makes time to support me at my races. ❤


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