Training for SCHKM – Week 2

16 December, Tuesday

Warm up jog to Jurong West Stadium from home. Initial plan was to try 7 sets of 1km interval. However, I was not able to sustain the pace for the 4th and 5th set and hence decided to stop. Was quite disappointed that I did not manage to complete what I set out to do. I guess, I started too fast and I wasn’t ready to do the fast workout so soon after a marathon. My splits: 3:52, 3:49, 3:50, 3:59, 4:02. rest approx. 3:30-3:45min per set.

17 December, Wednesday

The run from office to home continues. Met up with Jackie and Peyling at one-north MRT station as usual after work. It was drizzling a bit but I’m glad we decided to go ahead with the run as the rain stopped after a while. Clocked a total of 15.6km from one-north to Jurong West Stadium where we did our cool down. Average pace: 5:10″/km. Feel good run =)

18 December, Thursday

Jackie’s off day today again so we decided to do our run from home to NTU. The first 2km from my place to the university entrance was slow. We began picking up speed once we started the 5km loop inside NTU. Decided to extend a bit more to clock a total of 12km. Time taken: 1:01:37, average pace: 5:08″/km. Satisfied =)

20 December, Saturday

Long run this week was done at MacRitchie. Jackie, Peyling and I started the run at the visitor’s centre. The plan was to run to Upper Peirce Reservoir and from there Jackie and I will continue to run to Seletar Reservoir and back to MR to clock 30km. Peyling planned to run 25km so she will simply continue on her own after Upper Peirce Reservoir.

We started at around 5:20″/km pace and soon picked up the pace to close to 5min pace. It has been some time since we ran this route and I found it mentally challenging running up the M&M slopes. I looked down and counted my steps as I pushed myself up. Hey, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. Stopped for water break at the toilet and waved goodbye to Peyling. First third of the run completed, and I was feeling ok. The next 7km however, was not that fantastic. I could feel the fatigue after leaving Upper Peirce Reservoir. My legs felt heavy after conquering the M&M slopes. And it doesn’t help that the bf was ahead and I could hardly keep up with him. Was glad to see him stopped at the roundabout at Seletar Reservoir. Phew, finally a break. That was around 17km, our u-turn point. I took a packet of gel, hoping that the gel would give me the boost I need. We did not stop for long since we planned to stop again at the new Springleaf park across the road to top up my water bottle.

It was a scorching hot and humid day. The water cooler we found inside the park was a life saver. I poured lots of water over my head to cool myself down. Refreshed, we set off again towards MR. Jackie sped up the moment he entered into the old upper thomson road while I struggled at 5:05″min pace. Stopped for the last time at the toilet along the road. Distance check: 24km+. With just 4km or less back to MR, we realised that we had miscalculated the distance. Which means we need to clock 2km more inside MR to make up to 30km.

Once again, Jackie sped off and I could barely see him after a while. Was really happy to reach MR and realised I only need to clock 1.5km to make up the distance. Turned left and headed towards the trails. And u-turn again just before the opening to the trails. Completed 30.2km in 2:31:03. Average pace: 5″/min.

Total Mileage for Week Two (15 Dec – 21 Dec): 64km  


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