Training for SCHKM – Week 3

22 December 2014, Monday Thanks to the ActiveSG credit, I am now heading to gym more frequently. It was Winter Solstice and company granted early release for us. Knocked off at 4plus pm and I got into the gym at around 5pm. After changing, I left the gym for a short run to NTU and back. Met Angela who was also running inside NTU too. Nice to see her! =) Did an easy 7km run in 39:08min, average pace: 5:30″/min. Returned back to gym to do a 10mins stationery cycling and some core exercises. Would love to stay a bit longer but gotta rush home for dinner with family and enjoy home made tang yuan. ❤ 23 December 2014, Tuesday Jogged to Jurong West Stadium only to find that the stadium was closed due to lightning risk. Peyling was also at the stadium to do intervals. I asked her if she wants to do tempo run inside NTU instead since we were not able to use the track. So off we went to the NTU for the 1km hill loops. Did 3 sets of 3km (3 rounds of the 1km loop in the clockwise direction) and rest 2mins in between sets. 1 set: 13:35min; 2nd set: 13:30min; 3rd set: 13:30min (approx 4:26″-4:30″/km) Was really glad to have Peyling running with me to push me to put in more effort in the run. Jogged to the stadium to stretch and cool down. A very satisfying run because including the warm up and cool down, I clocked about 14km, much more than what I usually clock if I do intervals. No run on 24 December, Wednesday because it’s Christmas’ Eve! =D 25 December 2014, Thursday Since I did not run on Wed, I decided to clock a slightly longer run on Christmas Day. The best part of a public holiday is that you get to choose the time you go for your run. My run started at around 6pm in the evening. Started from home to S’pore Discovery Centre (that’s about 4km). U-turn and met Chia who was out running too. Continued my run towards Jurong Lake Park. Ran inside the park and stopped at the toilet just outside Chinese Garden for a break. Sky has turned dark by then. I suddenly saw Peyling ran past. But she was too engrossed in running and listening to her music that she did not hear me shout out to her. Continued the rest of my run home. 18km in 1:30:48, average pace: 5:03″/km. Endorphins released =) 27 December 2014, Saturday Back to Sentosa again with the same group of friends, with Alan joining us too. The planned distance was 33km. The running route was the same as Week One, but Jackie who wasn’t feeling well planned to do 3 rounds first and if all goes well extend it by another 3km. Round 1 (avg 5:04″/min) and Round 2 (avg 5:03″/min) was ok albeit slower than the past two long runs we did. Motivated to see Ashley (from Tampines Safra) with his group of runners doing their morning runs too. Fatigue set in when I started my third round. On the other hand, Jackie surprisingly ran much faster than the first and second round despite a running nose. ( I think he was insulted when I say it’s ok to not do a sub 5min pace run if he was not feeling well.) I think I was the one not feeling well. >-< Gave up chasing him when he pulled so far away from me even though I was already attempting at 5min/km pace. Continued my run at my own pace and brought the avg pace down to 5:02″/km after the three loops. I should have continued the last 3km without stopping, but the water cooler at Tanjong Beach toilet was just too tempting. After splashing myself with some water, I dragged myself out to finish the last 3km of the run. It was a struggle. I could barely maintained my pace anymore. I kept looking at my Garmin, wishing for the next 1.5km to come soon so I could u-turn. Arrived at the beach station after 1.5km. Strange, I had yet to see Jackie, he must have ran a bit longer than 33km. After resting for a while, I picked myself up to continue to the last 1.5km back to Tanjong Beach. It was then Jackie came up from behind. I asked him to run at his own pace since I was slowing down quite a lot. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I arrived at Tanjong Beach again. 33km in 2:47:04. Avg pace: 5:03″/km. My last 3km was so slow that my average pace became 5:03″/km. Nonetheless, am glad I survived the 33km run. Hopefully, the next long run will be better. Total Weekly Mileage for Week Three (22 Dec – 28 Dec): 72.8 km


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