Training for SCHKM – Week 4

29 December 2014, Monday

Back to the gym at Jurong West Sports Complex on a Monday. Like last week, I decided to go for a run inside NTU. Legs felt heavy so I decided not to do any hill repeats and just extend my run to about 9km. Time: 51:26min, average pace: 5:33″/km. Returned to the gym to do 10min of cycling followed by core exercises.

30 December 2014, Tuesday

I was feeling lazy when I reached home after work. Had a cup of coffee to perk myself up. Finally pulled myself out of the house just before 8pm. I was jogging to Jurong Central Park when I bumped into Alan and Pok, friends from Jurong Safra running club at the traffic light. They had just finished a tough session of core training with the club.

I continued jogging one round around Jurong Central Park to warm up. Initially, I was thinking of doing 2 sets of 4×1.7km loop at 4:30″/km pace, with 2mins rest in between. However, I just could not seem to get to my target pace when I started. My pace was hovering around 4:45″/km pace. My average pace became 4:40″/km after about 2km. It was then I decided to just run continuously without stopping. In the end, I did about 7 loops which add up to be 12km in 54:33mins. Surprisingly, I started running faster and my average pace eventually increased to 4:33″/km pace, better than expected. Felt very happy and accomplished after this workout.

31 December 2014, Wednesday

It was New Year’s Eve. Eileen from Jurong Safra suggested doing a late night 20.15km run to catch the fireworks and welcome year 2015. A group of us were gamed for this and so we met up at around 10:30pm at East Coast Park B1 carpark to start the first part of the run.

A group picture at ECP before we start the run.

A group picture at ECP before we start the run.

Jackie was familiar with the route from ECP to Marina Barrage and he led the way. He also suggested to us to catch the fireworks at the Sheares Bridge since it might be less crowded. As we ran towards Tanjong Rhu and into the Gardens By the Bay, we saw more and more people laying picnic mats on the ground, getting ready to catch the fireworks at midnight. There were couples, families and big groups of teenagers.

We continued running and u-turn just before we reached Marina Barrage when we realised it was about 1130pm. Climbed a long flight of stairs up to the Shears Bridge. It was quite packed with people too, all waiting to catch the first fireworks of the new year. We continued walking and picked a less crowded spot, almost close to the Rochor Rd exit. Took some photos and waited patiently for the countdown to begin.

Before the clock struck twelve and 2014 becomes 2015. Excited to catch the first fireworks of the new year.

Before the clock struck twelve and 2014 becomes 2015. Excited to catch the first fireworks of the new year.

super love this picture of me and the bf with the fireworks at the background. Happy New Year to all! =D

super love this picture of me and the bf with the fireworks at the background. Happy New Year to all! =D

As we had only ran 8km+ before catching the fireworks, we needed to clock another 12km to make it 20.15km. We decided to return to ECP via the same route and continue the run inside ECP. Jackie and I sped up a bit once we were inside ECP. Gis and Peyling followed closely behind. By then, I was feeling exhausted. Possibly becaucse it was past midnight and my bedtime. I couldn’t wait for the run to be over soon. We continued running 4km and then did a u-turn, after Wong, Chua and Alan gathered together. Jackie sped off at an even faster pace after the u-turn. I tried to increase my pace too but I could not catch up.

I was really happy and relieved when B1 carpark was finally in sight. Kept a close watch on my Garmin upon hitting 20km and stopped the watch immediately the moment the distance reads 20.15km. Time: 1:58:54, average pace: 5:53″/km.

Yay! Mission accomplished. Happy 2015! =)

3 January 2015, Saturday

I had to do my long run today because my friend’s wedding is tomorrow and I’m one of her bridesmaids. And because the boyfriend gotta work on Saturday, there was no one to accompany me for the long run this time. It is three weeks to the marathon. So the plan for this week’s LSD is to clock my longest long run of 35-36km.

I started from my house at 5:45am in the morning and ran towards NTU. Did two loops around the campus and I bumped into Sew Hyong who was out doing her LSD on my 2nd loop. It was motivating to see fellow Safra mate training hard for upcoming marathon. It was close to the end of my 2nd loop, and I clocked about 12km+ when I left NTU. Not too bad, pace was around 5:05″/km and I’m still feeling fresh.

However, fatigue sets in after 18km when I reached the Jurong Lake Park. I took a break at the toilet outside Chinese Garden. I  started my run again, this time struggling to maintain the pace. I saw a relative who was out for a morning stroll. I said “Hi” to her and ran on, my breathing getting heavier with each step I took. 21km, and I think I hit the wall. My running pace dropped from 5:04″/km to 5:15″/km.

Finally, I completed one loop (5km) inside Jurong Lake Park. One more loop to go and I can head home, I told myself. The sun was out shining brightly in the sky when I started my second loop. I took another extended break at the toilet before I continued to finish the second loop. At the end of the loop, I bumped into an old JC schoolmate, Cindy who was out walking her dog. I chatted with her while I catch my breath. My Garmin reads 28km. The distance from Jurong Lake Park to my house is 3km. I had very much wanted to run straight home there and then and just clock 31km in total.

I glad I didn’t give in to the thought. Felt marginally better after chatting with Cindy and decided to extend my run towards Chinese Garden before u-turning and go home. “At least 33km today”, I told myself. So it was a very mental 1km towards Chinese Garden before I u-turn again and head home. The next three km was difficult but I made it. I decided to run an additional km to clock 34km just to make it my longest run since I had done 33km last week.

After 34km, I was even contemplating to run one more km to meet my target. But it was getting late and if I were to run one more km, it would be more than a 3hr run. Haven’t I read somewhere that it wouldn’t be beneficial to run more than 3hrs? Whatever.. Probably just an excuse for me to stop as I was tired.

Distance: 34.3km, Time: 2:56:42, Avg pace: 5:09″/km.

Pace was a far cry from the past few long runs. It was really mental today, doing the long run alone. Very tough and I’m so glad I pushed myself to do 34km when I really feel like giving up after 28km. But well, even with a 34km long run today, I did not even hit 80km for this week, which is supposed to be my peak training week.

Weekly mileage for Week Four (29 Dec 2014 – 4 Jan 2015): 79.3km


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