Training for SCHKM – Week 5

5 January 2015, Monday

It was business as usual on the first Monday of the New Year. Back in the gym after work. Easy run into NTU like last week, and this time I managed to complete 8 sets of 30 secs hill sprints inside NTU. I ran back to the gym to continue with 10mins of cycling and some core exercises. Clocked a total distance of 9.2km in 49:54 min for the easy run to and fro. Average pace: 5:25″/km. Happy that my legs felt more relaxed as compared to last week. =)

6 January 2015, Tuesday

Warm up 2.4km to Jurong West st 24. This is one of the usual training venues for Jurong Safra Running Club but it has been a long time since I came here. For the workout, I decided to try 2 sets of (4×1.4km) loop around the park with 2min of rest in between sets. Completed the first set in 26:45min and second set in 26:02min. Average pace was 4:40″/km, below my target pace of 4:30″/km so was slightly disappointed. End off the session with 1.7km jog to Jurong Point to buy dinner for myself.

7 January 2015, Wednesday

Another run from office to home on a Wednesday evening. This time with no companion as Jackie was at work and Peyling also tied up with her work. The sun seemed to be setting later than usual these days. I started my run from one-north MRT at 6:10pm, and I could still catch a glimpse of the sunset when I reached Jurong East.

Still recovering from yesterday’s workout, I decided 15km was enough when I arrived at lakeside. I continued running into Jurong Central Park and was surprised to see Sew Hyong doing her tempo inside the park. After my run, I went inside the clubhouse to get a sip of water. (oh yes, I ran without my bottle this time). And did some stretching while I waited for Sew Hyong to complete her run. It was nice catching up with her. She had signed up for Taipei Charity Marathon when they released new slots and is now preparing for the race which would be held in early Feb. Definitely one of the most hardworking and disciplined runners in our club. =)

Distance: 15.2km in 1:19:52. Average pace: 5:15″/km. Legs feel quite tired. >-<

8 January 2015, Thursday

Skipped running today due to rain. Was feeling lethargic too so I did not get out for a run even though the rain has cleared. Late at night, I decided to try out the Nike Training App which Jackie has recommended. Did a short 5mins workout following the steps, followed by a 15mins workout which focuses on toning the arms. Just a short session had me sweating buckets even though I’m not sure if I am following the steps correctly. But it did make me feel less guilty about not running this evening too.

11 January 2015, Sunday

Something exciting happened over the weekend! And I did not managed to clock 30km as planned on Saturday. Managed to squeeze in a 14.8 km run on Sunday after I overslept and woke up late. Did not bother catching the satellite since I was in a rush. So treated the first 1.3km as warm up. Upon reaching NTU, my pace increased to 5″min pace. First loop went well. But my run quickly went downhill when I began my second loop. I could feel my legs getting heavier, breathing become more difficult. I was glad to finally stop for water at hall 7. I only picked up again when I got out of NTU and ran towards my home.

Distance: 13.5 km in 1:10:20. Average pace: 5:13″/km.

*I hope I’m not burnout*

Weekly mileage for Week Five (5 Jan – 11 Jan 2015): 54.5 km 


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