Training for SCHKM – Week 6

Took a break on Monday because my family is celebrating my dear nephew’s 2nd birthday! He will turn two tomorrow!

13 Jan 2015, Tuesday

I decided to venture into NTU to do the 1km hill loops again. This time alone as Peyling planned to do intervals at the stadium. Jogged about 3km to NTU from my place as warm-up. The plan today was to do 3 sets of (4x1km) loop with 2mins rest in between. Felt a bit nervous prior to the workout as the last time I tried the similar workout was 3 weeks ago where I did 3 sets of (3x1km).

The first set started well, clocking 13:35min for the first set, close to my target pace of 4:30″/km. I hit the stop button after the 4th loop and moments later my Garmin 610 quickly went into the power saving mode while I rested. At close to 2mins, I realised I could not unlock my Garmin despite sliding my finger across the screen umpteen times. Yes, I was perspiring that profusely and my hands weren’t dry enough. I gave up trying to unlock my Garmin when I realised it was close three minutes of rest time. After taking note of the time, I began my next set.

Set 2: 17:45min, average pace: 4:26’/km. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually run better without using the Garmin to pace myself. Was checking the time and doing mental calculation after every loop keep track of my pace.

Set 3: 17:52min, average pace: 4:28″/km. Spotted fellow Asics team mater, Raviin doing his training with his friends too.

Jogged to Jurong West Stadium to cool down. Except for the episode with Garmin malfunction, I was rather pleased with today’s workout.

14 Jan 2015, Wednesday

I was glad to have Peyling’s company for today’s run. Took the same route as last week, from office–> Ulu pandan PCN –> Jurong East –> Jurong West and extended it a bit to end at Jurong West stadium. I managed to do a much faster pace than last week and it seemed easier too. A training buddy really makes a difference. Completed 15.7km in 1:19:48, average pace 5:05″/km.

15 Jan 2015, Thursday

Decided to join MF Safra for training this evening because I needed some motivation for run after training for a few weeks alone. The program was a easy 10km run to Depot Road–>Canterbury –> Alexandra Rd and back to the clubhouse via Telok Blgh St 31.

The group started at 6min pace as warm-up. After about 2km, I picked up the pace to about 5min’/km. The group split up after we crossed the traffic lights, with the guys, Melvin and Xavier leading the way while Trevor and a couple of guys following closely behind. Melvin and Xavier soon picked up the pace again when we were inside Canterbury. Doesn’t seem like they are doing easy run after all as we were already running at sub 4:45″/km pace and going faster. As we ran out of Canterbury to cross the bridge over to Alexandra, I realised I was the only one following Melvin and Xavier who were pulling away from me gradually. My pace was hovering between 4:37-4:33’/km then. I pressed on and managed to close the gap after we came down from the bridge. But the two guys soon sped up when we turned left onto Telok Blgh St 31. My pace dropped to 4:51″/km at about 8km mark as I tried to run up the slopes. Melvin and Xavier were still going strongly and I was losing motivation to chase them.

Moments later, I heard footsteps behind me and realised Trevor has caught up. Soon, we were running alongside each other. Thanks to him, I picked up my pace again. At the flatter road, I managed to squeeze a bit more to chase after Trevor who was now ahead. Glad to have him pushing me to finish the run strongly. Completed 9.8km in 47:13min, average pace: 4:48″/km.

18 Jan 2015, Sunday

Jackie and I had wanted to join MF safra for their long run today. But we overslept and by the time we reached the clubhouse, they had already started their run. After some stretching, we started our run at 7:35am, following the same route. Since Jackie and I intend to clock 20km for the long run, we turned into towards MBS and continued running towards Marina Barrage. It was barely 10km, so we ran up to the 2nd level and down again before taking a break at the water cooler. And for the second time this week, I bumped into Raviin who was out running with his training mates. What a small world.

It was getting warm. I was not sure if I could maintain the 4:45″min/km pace for the 2nd half of the run. Jackie was certainly running faster than before. He was pulling away quickly as we ran towards the NTUC building. I am contented with running at 4:45-4:50″/km pace so did not attempt to close the gap. Caught up with him when we both stopped at a traffic light. I need some water so we stopped at McDonalds along Anson Road for a quick water break. I think Jackie sensed that I was not happy he was increasing his pace and leaving me behind, so he controlled his pace this time, and then pushed himself and finished strongly at the last 1km up Henderson Road to the clubhouse.

I tried to maintain the same effort as I trudged up the slope too. Glad to finish the run at an average pace of 4:43″/km in 1:30:37, distance recorded by Garmin 19.2km, probably not too accurate as the capturing of the satellite was quite unstable over at CBD area.

All in all, the trainings this week has worked out somehow, better than my expectation. A confidence booster for SCHKM next week. =)

Total Mileage for Week 6 (12 Jan – 18 Jan 2015): 62km


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