Training for SCHKM – Week 7

One last week before heading to Hong Kong on Friday morning! *excited*

It was tapering week so I only did two workouts for this week.

20 Jan 2015, Tuesday

Jogged to Jurong West Stadium and continue another two rounds around the track to warm up. Did a short session of drills and stretching and I was ready to begin my 5 x 800m intervals with run to rest ratio of 1:0.5. My initial target was 3:05min per set, but I could not seem to go any faster so have to be contented with the following time:  3:08, 3:10, 3:10, 3:11. 3:11. Cool down 1.5km to clubhouse.

22 Jan 2015, Thursday

Jogged to Jurong Central Park which is just a stone’s throw away from home. I started with 5:30″/km pace and was thinking of just completing my 7km easy run in an average 5:15″/km pace. Minutes into the run, I was getting the momentum. Comfortable breathing, legs feels light. I was in the “zone”, running relaxed and happy. Soon, I found myself going faster as I went round and round the park. Decided to stop after 4 loops when my Garmin reads 7km. Time: 36:08min, average pace: 5:07″/km. The release of endorphins never feel good.

25 Jan 2015, Sunday

Race day! *stay tuned for my race report!*

Total mileage for week 7 (19 Jan – 25 Jan) including the marathon:  56.3km


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