Heel Pain

The heel pain on my left foot (which has been bothering me after SEA Games) got more noticeable after Shape Run. It was still bearable to run but the pain was enough to scare me to lay off for a few days.

Rested for three days and iced the affected area. I felt better on Wednesday morning when I land my foot on the ground. Decided to test it out on Wednesday evening after work. I swapped my usual racers for Asics GT2000 in view of the extra cushioning.

Did a slow 1.5km jog from Jurong West stadium to NTU. The plan was to do a tempo run on the 3km blue track as it was softer from the pavement and road.  That will be 6km to and fro. I wanted to run for at least 30mins, hence extended the run a bit more to 7.5km. Time taken 34mins 57 secs, average pace 4:40″/km.

I was glad to switch to GT2000 as this pair though heavy soften the impact of the pounding. I could hardly feel any pain on my left heel as I pound on the running track. There was a strain which I felt just under the ball of my right foot, which was hardly noticeable. However, being injured (and suspected diagnosis of plantar fasciitis), I knew this shouldn’t be neglected as well.

Nevertheless, I was happy to finally release my endorphin after three days of zero running. Jogged back to Jurong West Stadium to cool down.

As the Asics City Relay is held on Saturday night, I decided to rest on Thursday and Friday as a precaution in case the heel pain flared up on race day. That’s make it just 1 day of training (10 km of mileage) for that week.


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