Down but not out (Wk 1)

Since I am supposed to layoff from running for 3 weeks, I decided to use the Fitness First 3 day trial pass from Shape Run race pack to start a new exercise regime. Visited the gym on Sunday afternoon and tried the RPM (spin) class. It has been a long time since I join a spin class and it felt really good to race against the tempo of the music and work my quads. Not bad when the instructor is an eye candy too. =p

Rest on Monday and I returned to Fitness First to explore more classes on Tuesday evening after work. It’s great that the gym is so near my workplace at Fusionopolis and I get to save time on travelling. Attended the Bodyjam class and it was quite fun dancing to the rhythm of the music though admittedly I could not really keep up when the steps got more complicated =p This probably explains why I did not perspire as much as I would like to after the one hour class.

After the Bodyjam class, I went for the RPM class. I was looking forward to the spin class as I knew I would get quite a good and hard workout out of this class.  The RPM class feels much tougher than Sunday’s class. I could feel my quads burning with each push and pull of the pedal. Never have I pedaled so furiously before and it was satisfying to spot small puddle of perspiration on the floor after the 50 mins class.

The third class I tried was the Bodypump class, a barbell class to sculpt, tone and strengthen the entire body. I felt daunted when I first entered the class as everyone look so proficient in setting up their equipment. I was feeling slightly lost as it was the first time I attend such classes and have no idea how to select the appropriate weights for my bar. Thankfully, the instructor Andre noticed that I’m new to the class and patiently guided me to set up of equipment and select the weights and also a quick run through of some of the movements.

I chose the lightest weight available to load on the bar for warm up and gradually load more weights following the instruction of the trainer. As it was my first time doing strengthening and conditioning with a barbell (and I have zero confidence of my arm strength), I was caution with the load. Despite the minimum load, I was able to feel the fatigue in my arms after a few repetitions. The 1 hour class leave me feeling quite satisfied and toned. This was the last class for the day and I hurried to shower before the gym closed for the night. 3 days in an evening. Seemed like I had fully utilized the pass.

As the trial pass was only eligible for 3 consecutive days and I missed Monday, I went back to Jurong West Sports Complex’s gym on Wednesday and Thursday to continue with my gym regime. Hopped onto the stationery bike and cycled for 40 mins, followed by using the Nike Training Centre app to do some core workout.

Friday is my rest day. And so this marked my first week of zero mileage. Feeling a bit down since I can’t run, but I’m glad I’m still able to get my endorphin fix from the gym.


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